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Install Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA, run both until you get to the main menu.

If you want to roll your own mod of Unleashed get the source here: thevisad/DayZUnleashed · GitHub Site URL: https://github.com/thevisad/DayZUnleashed you are on your own with this, but it's pretty much pbo the individual folders and follow the directions listed below.
to PBO the source...
Hello HNGamers,

I was brought on board to run the Ark server and to try to get it populated. The server already has some players(even a few randoms) but we need more to get up the list. Therefore, I am reaching out to the community. COME PLAY ARK!!!

Please read below and let us know in the poll or in a reply if you plan to play on the Ark server. Hope to see you there!

Play ARK? Did you...
I was looking around at the different laser chiller options and some of the DIY setups. While some were neat and impressive, they seemed too big and too costly for the most part. I wanted something small, that could keep my laser cool and not take up too much space under the bench. I finally settled on a counter top ice makerwith some rv antifreeze....
I'll be going over the servers today and make sure they are all up to date. I also went out and saw Jurassic World last night. Which also by complete coincidence reminds me that i added a Ark server last night.

Its a Newman Hall style, eat every 5 minutes, bash your buddies skull with a rock, while wondering while your so dam tired game that everyone loves. Now with the added grief of pokeymen.. i mean...
My mom just did a video resume for her real estate agency.

Yeah, Xyberviri and I realized that we had stepped away from the most important aspect, community. Our attempt to spin up a GSP was a partial success. We have the knowledge, the ability, the servers, the software and the technology available we just lack.... time for the lack of a better word. We have kept all of the servers and have dozens of games for our community to play. We have decided to refocus on our...
We have decided to open the repo's up for people to utilize the engine and have full access to all code, including the hive.
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