Tactical AI Kit for Torque 3D 1.2

Tactical AI Kit for Torque 3D 1.2

The Tactical AI Kit for Torque 3D 1.2l

This powerful AI solution is now available for Torque 3D 1.2 users!

Anyone who has played any sort of shooter-themed game has experienced bad AI. AI doing stupid things, AI that simply stands in place and lands perfect headshots on you. Cheating AI, magically knowing exactly where you are when they shouldn't. Bad AI can turn a potentially fun game into an annoying experience.

Inspired by my hatred of terrible games everywhere, the Tactical AI Kit was built to create a dynamic AI system for shooter-type games. Instead of resorting to lazy cheating, the default behaviors revolve around being intellectually equal to the player. When they are spawned, their job is to survive.

Tactical AI Players are capable of reacting to a number of different stimuli: finding bodies, hearing shots, noticing nearby bullet impacts, annoyances (car alarms, various distractions), suspicious movement, explosions, and of course, seeing enemies. Cheating does not happen. Shooting at an AI Player will not instantly give away your exact position, like with many AI implementations in other games. Instead, they'll deal with finding the attacker later, and either get to cover or get out of there! The key is self-preservation. They don't want to die!

No standing around in the open and shooting mindlessly. TAI Players will actively seek cover, peeking out and hiding to attack safely. The reaction behaviors are dynamic and randomized, making their positions and decisions unpredictable. Being fully dynamic, the player can either go through a level guns blazing, or sneak around and avoid alerting their enemies. Fine tuned and tested, they can perform in many different situations; they'll perform just as well in the tight corridors of a building as they will in a massive outdoors level. The unpredictability will drastically increase the replay value of your game.

Being built on a relatively slow computer, performance and smooth framerates were constantly kept in mind. By effectively using respawning and a zoned AI Manager, you can even create missions with over one hundred managed TAI Players.

The Tactical AI Kit is 100% multiplayer compatible, and you can customize it by adding or changing "brain" types and new behavior states.

Bottom line: the Tactical AI Kit is a feature-packed, smart, and realistic AI solution, providing a fair challenge that will get your players wanting more, and most importantly, having fun! If you've got any questions, email me at tgeBryce@yahoo.com . Otherwise, pick yourself up a copy of the Tactical AI Kit!
If you're still not sure, download the free demonstration game and see for yourself in its six example missions.

Download the Free Demonstration Game

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