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Some feedback

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Kelley, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Kelley

    Kelley Moderator Staff Member

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    Unleashed is running really good . The loot spawn? Wow. Best I've ever seen. The loot spawn is amazing, I just can't say enough good things about it. The zeds? Wow again, These are the best Zeds I've ever seen, better than any other mod. These Zeds can kill you but they aren't OP, excellent balance. However there are issues trying to play single player. It plays great with a group, but as a single player it turns into a I'm running for my life / I'm being hunted / oh crap I'm out of ammo sim. I would like to see an "official" so called "single player" version. Ideas..... Well, the biggest problem is ai. There is enough ai for a whole server full of people. This is what happens....I'm spotted by ai in a vehicle with a grenade launcher.....I hide behind a rock.....he has me pinned.....along comes the second grenade launching vehicle, now 2 are firing at you and your thinking ," I need to get the hell out of here". Except , here comes a heli now that your pinned and your thinking, " maybe, just maybe you could make the tree line...... and you start running.... and there are the dynamic ai, and your dead. Now, this kind of action is a lot of fun in a group but by yourself, or even 2 average players....... it just feels like your being constantly hunted with no chance to survive. You will run out of ammo eventually... and they won't. If your playing on some random populated server not everyone playing is hunting you( well, except for that one time :) )
  2. thevisad

    thevisad HNGamers - HeadQuarters for all things fun! Staff Member

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    We made this version very customizable, most of the settings which will make this more single player friendly are available in the mission file. For the Ai, open the server side and edit dayz_server\DZAI\init\dzai_config.sqf and then repack the files. You can change all of the settings to make it a lot easier. To lower the number of spawns in certain areas, you can edit the following files

    Changes the uniforms the Ai are wearing

    This file contains the static spawn amounts these use the data in the next file below to spawn identify where to spawn at.

    ['DZAI_SuhrenfeldMilitary',[2,1],[],3,2] call DZAI_static_spawn;

    The settings for the above spawning system are

    /*Syntax: [
    _spawnMarker, //Circular marker defining patrol radius. //DZAI_SuhrenfeldMilitary
    [_minAI,_addAI], //(Optional, default [1,1]) Minimum and maximum bonus amount of AI units per group. //[2,1]
    _positionArray, //(Optional, default []): Array of markers defining possible spawn points. If omitted or left empty, nearby buildings within 250m radius will be used as spawn points. //[]
    _equipType, //(Optional, default 1): Number between 0-3. Defines AI weapon selection and skill parameters. //3
    _numGroups //(Optional, default 1): Number of AI groups to spawn using the above parameters. //2
    ] call DZAI_static_spawn;

    This is where the spawn areas are, so you can modify this and make safe spots or areas that are more guarded. These are the static spawn locations that always spawn Ai.

    _this = createMarker ["DZAI_SuhrenfeldMilitary", [16431.096, 18415.654]];
    _this setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
    _this setMarkerType "Flag";
    _this setMarkerBrush "Solid";
    _this setMarkerAlpha 0;
    _this setMarkerSize [175, 175];
    _marker_209 = _this;

    To add custom spawns, then create a spawn marker in this file, instructions are in the file

    Then edit this file, instructions are in the file

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