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0.97 change log (updated)

Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Jan 6, 2014.

By thevisad on Jan 6, 2014 at 6:10 PM
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    [FEATURE] Completely rewrote loot mechanic from game config to MySQL queries - this allows dynamically changing loot tables, completely weighted by surrounding buildings. \We can now generate per-game maximum items. This also allows tweaking loot spawns on the fly, making instant loot adjustments without the need to restart the server.

    [FIXED] Corrected corrupted DayZ Epoch files, this should correct crafting issues
    [FIXED] Forced skill saves
    [FIXED] Fixed root cause of slow (20 minute) spawns for loot
    [FIXED] Corrected error on loading regarding KPFS weaponry
    [FIXED] Corrected issue with humanity and skin changing breaking skills
    [FIXED] Corrected duplicate string table issues causing log errors
    [FIXED] Rewrote loot configs to eliminate multiple duplicates
    [FIXED] Found and corrected issue with the tents not saving loot after the last update.
    [FIXED] All building objects now working
    [FIXED] Added in all missing Epoch Types
    [FIXED] Corrected issues with fishing

    [ADDED] Combat Skills Perks lower bleeding time
    [ADDED] Combat Skills Perkslower incap time
    [ADDED] Combat Skills Perks hunger time adjustment
    [ADDED] Towing and Lifting to vehicles http://puu.sh/6szEf.jpg
    [ADDED] Longer Spawn timers for level 2 military type Ai (30 minutes added)
    [ADDED] Longer Spawn timers for level 3 military type Ai (60 minutes added)
    [ADDED] Multiple Ai land and Air vehicle types
    [ADDED] Random building destruction (removing this iteration as it is very server heavy)
    [ADDED] Multiple retrograde options for scrap metal have been made
    [ADDED] Added scrap metal recipe for all weapons to allow scraping weapons out

    [CHANGED] Increased range that the Combat Zeds spawn from 30 - 100 to 50 - 200
    [CHANGED] Changed agro spawned zombies to only spawn near buildings.
    [CHANGED] Vehicles not touched for 14 days will now be deleted and replaced with a new vehicle.
    [CHANGED] Lowered the Ai combat skill from 1 to 0, they are bambies now
    [CHANGED] Reverted all Ai skill factors to original skill
    [CHANGED] Added in corrected values for all weighted items.
    [CHANGED] Updated map to 0.99 version
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Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Jan 6, 2014.

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