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Ice controller logo!

Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Dec 22, 2015.

By thevisad on Dec 22, 2015 at 1:10 PM
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    A new logo is being made for the ICE controller, here is a sample!

    ICE is a contoller to turn your standard ordinary desktop ice machine into a laser cutter chiller. Most dekstop ice machines have small compressors in them and are relatively cheap (under 150$) compared to the so called "chillers" which are nothing more then a fancy radiator system. These type of systems are incapable of handling more then a 40 watt laser running on half power without increasing the temperature. Since CO2 lasers work better then lower the temperature, these types fo chillers simply cannot provide the adequate cooling needed and are typically very expensive. Hence, the ICE controller enters the market! Find out more below!

    Ice the ice machine laser chiller Site URL: http://www.hngamers.com/threads/ice-the-ice-machine-laser-chiller.829/

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Dec 22, 2015.

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